Speaking of Milk, LLC

From first latch,
to first word,
and beyond

Lactation support
Infant feeding therapy
Pediatric speech therapy

Clinical Specialties:

  • infant feeding at breast and bottle
  • lactation support: latch, positioning, pain, milk supply, weight gain
  • infant oral assessments of tongue, lips, cheek, and jaw
  • pre-/post-tongue tie release 
  • transitioning to solid foods
  • baby sign language
  • first words/early language development
  • articulation/phonological disorders
  • receptive/expressive language in preschool and early elementary


To schedule an appointment, please email cherie@speakingofmilk.com. If you recently attempted to contact us through this link, please try again as an error was discovered.

Lactation appointments may be processed through “The Lactation Network.” If you have a PNOA plan, or a PPO plan with Anthem, BCBS, or Cigna, you can check your benefits here. If your insurance is not approved self pay rates are used. 

Self-pay lactation, infant feeding, speech/language therapy rates for home visits:
– Initial appointment/evaluation (90 minutes – 2 hours): $250
– Pre-natal planning (60-90 minutes): $175
– Follow-up (60-90 minutes): $175
– Follow-up/speech therapy (45-60minutes): $110
– Telehealth (45 minutes): $75
– Speech therapy (30 minutes*): $55
(*30 minute rate available to clients within a 15 minute drive or telehealth only)

Prices updated as of 12/27/2022

Payment plans available

Each appointment includes some or all of the following: health/developmental history, goal setting, education, breast/bottle feeding evaluation, infant oral-motor exam, pre/post feeding weights, breast pump flange fitting, child speech/language assessment, individualized recommendations, communication with other providers, drive time to and from your house, and 4 weeks of unlimited text and email support.

Services are available in home or via telehealth. Cherie is based in Ashland and will travel to areas in and around Hanover, Caroline, Chesterfield, Goochland, Henrico, Powhatan, and Richmond.