About Speaking of Milk

Speaking of Milk provides education, speech therapy, lactation consulting, and support to improve eating and communication skills. Treatment is individualized, based on your family’s unique story and needs.

We value relationships; those within your family, the one you form with us, and when we collaborate with other professionals.

Eating and speaking are things that are supposed to happen naturally. When there are challenges, or when we have so many questions and don’t know where to seek answers, it can lead to frustration. Although we live in a world with accessible information at our fingertips, the sheer amount of information, as well as conflicting advice, can be overwhelming. When you work with us we will listen to your story, then provide a thorough evaluation to meet your needs. Together we will come up with goals and the steps to achieve them.

You can do this. You are the expert on your child. You can be confident in our qualified professional expertise, and we are confident in your parenting expertise. We are honored to walk part of this journey with you.

Meet Cherie

I have 10 years experience as a licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist. I earned my BS in Speech-Language Pathology at Texas Christian University and my MS in Communication Disorders at the University of Texas at Dallas. My early career in Tucson was in the public schools, primarily serving preschoolers through 8th grade. When I moved to Virginia I worked with young children in a clinic as well as through the early intervention program.

I became passionate about breastfeeding while pregnant with my first child and knew I wanted to pursue infant feeding as a specialty. My lactation training began through a breastfeeding peer counselor organization, then I became a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist through Lactation Education Resources. I loved using those skills to lead a free parent group at River City Midwifery and hope to resume groups again. I recently met my goal of becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

I have a passion for knowledge. I am always looking for new classes and books, particularly about lactation, infant feeding, early language development, and articulation. I truly enjoy my time working with families.

I’m married to Isaac and we have two kids, Ziggy and Kaia. We love reading, dancing, messy art projects, and time outside, especially at the beach.